Monday, 22 October 2012

The finished Shelves and Side-Tables

The finished Shelves and Side-Tables

So I finally managed to get the project for Anthony finished. And below you can see the results. I had the joy of installing the shelves in his old Victorian home and all I can say is, straight lines were non-existent. This presented several niggly issues, but they could all be sorted by a quick use of the circular saw or a bit of planing to get the shelves nice and snuggly fitted.

Below you can see the TV shelf just after its first coat of wax. It really helped to bring out the grain on the boards and has added a lovely depth to them. And beside it you can see the left hand side of the alcove with the TV shelf and the 2 above. Once the TV shelf was in, the next 2 were a doddle.

Next you can see the final 2 shelves for the right hand side of the alcove. Again these were very easy to install and thankfully only needed a small piece taken from the back of them to get them to sit flush against the front face of the fireplace.

I had tried to keep a lot of the features of the boards as mentioned in a previous post and once the wax was applied it really brought out the letter work on each of them.

And again, trying to retain some of the features I kept some of the metal-work as well. A quick buff with the angle grinder saw the rust fly of this and again I think it's a lovely little touch to help make it all that little bit more unique.

And finally on the right here you can see the two little side tables for Anthony's living room. Both have one coat of oil and a finishing wax on top to help protect them. Once in their rightful place I'm sure they will look fantastic.

Now that that one has been completed, the next project is already on the cards and I shall have the next post up in the coming week all going well.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check back soon!


  1. Hi Warren

    Really like the blog, I discovered it yesterday and love it. I've recently started getting into woodwork and really enjoying it.

    I'll be trying a similar project to above soon. I was wondering (and this might sound stupid) but what is the best way to accurately measure the alcove for shelving so when it comes to cutting it fits nice and snug like you have done here?

    Thanks, and keep up the blog articles!


  2. Hi Adam,

    I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you. The projects have been put on the back burner for a while do to loads of pretty exciting reasons.

    The only way I can say I have found it to work is measure, test, adjust, repeat. I found that if you measure the depth of the alcove in several places you get a feel for the curve of the wall so can adjust the width of your shelf appropriately. The difficult part is getting the length right as the 'support' walls also tend to be curved.

    Make your shelf initially slightly bigger than you need by a few millimetres or so and then once you had tried a test fit, an angle grinder to the oversized edges works wonders.

    Another method I have seen but not used is making a mock up out of cardboard and then using that as a template for your shelf.

    I hope that helps and all going well I will have more projects up in the not too distant future.



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