Friday, 21 December 2012

It's been a while!


It's been a while since my last post, which has been mainly due to work and several projects on the go at once. But thankfully I'm getting through them now and should have them all completed relatively shortly.

So the first one I've managed to complete is a wine rack I decided to make just for the hell of it.

I had a bunch of Oak left over from my coffee table so decided I needed an Oak wine rack in my life and thus a project was born. Now I had seen a few racks knocking about the bazaars and decided on a style I liked after much deliberation. The first thing I had to decide was just how many bottles of wine I wanted it to hold. Initially I was thinking around the 100 mark, but settled on 6 due to the fact my house couldn't accommodate that many.

So Once I had that sorted, I needed to go to the local DIY place of bits and bobs to get myself an 82mm hole-saw in order to get rid of the Oak for the bottles. A few careful measurements later and I had the six sections I needed to remove for the bottles. Then it was a case of using the hole-saw for the first time. This took several attempts and eventually I had the thing working as it should have been.

With the hole in place and only going about a third of the way through the wood, I needed to remove the section in any way I could. The easiest way to do this was with a chisel and a wack of a hammer. A few wacks later and the first third of the Oak was removed. I repeated this for the remainder and I had my first wine holder. I quick check with a bottle of plonk and all was good.

All I had to do then was repeat the process for the other 5 sections of the rack and I would have a lovely little wine holder. An hour or two later and I had all of the bits out and it was ready for a quick bit of finishing. I decided I wanted the rough and ready look and used an angle grinder to get rid of the straggly bits and pieces, followed by a quick bit of sanding to polish it all up. 

And here it is in all its
glory. It's a little bit rough around the edges but that's what I wanted in the finish for this one. My next attempts may see me sanding it down a lot more to get right into the grain beneath the surface. All it needs now is to finish it with a wax or oil and it's ready for extensive use!

Many thanks for looking!

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