Saturday, 2 February 2013

My first Oak lamp, some shelves and a nice little table

My first Oak lamp, some shelves and a nice little table

After the last project it was nice to have something simple to work on for a while, which took the form of 10 shelves, an Oak lamp and a little table to hold remotes and magazines.

 For the shelves is was simply a case of taking the wood back to its original features and getting rid of the crud on top. A new angle grinder attachment made very quick work of this and then it was a case of doing a finishing sand over the top to smooth it all out. When I had it taken back, the colours coming through on this batch were fantastic. It was almost a shame to put a wax on them but for where they were going, the wax needed to be applied.

For the table and the lamp the process was the same. Take off the rubbish and sand it to a nice finish. The Oak I used for the lamp was taken from a piece I had left over from the coffee table project. It was a simple case of splitting it in half to get the right size (and leaving me with a piece for one too) and then trimming down the edges. In order to make the lamp I had to make two holes. One for the lamp pole to go into the middle of the wood and then one at the back to track the wire through. Getting them to join up was the easy part. Actually feeding the wire through was the hard part. I think that one bit was the slowest process throughout the whole of this project.

For the table I decided that to add a bit of metal work to tie in the shelves on the wall, I would leave the screw heads visible on top. I thought this helped to add another bit of character to the piece. It was a really simple table to make and I think I'll be making one for myself soon.

As you can see below, the Oak lamp fits in really well with the reclaimed scaffolding boards used for the table. I didn't use a treatment on the Oak as I thought it looked really good in its natural form.

The brackets were provided by Jo (who the project was for) and they set the wood off a treat. She wanted to keep some of the metal work on the shelves and I hope you'll agree they look great with it.

The final shelves are in the kitchen but I forgot to take some pictures of them. I used brackets provided by Jo from old Scandinavian floating shelves to make the brackets for them. But they are similar in design to the ones above. If I get some pictures I will be sure to put them up.

Another simple project complete and I had a lot of fun doing it. Next one is going to be a Valentine's gift to the Missus. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Thanks for looking and check back soon for more!


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