Sunday, 30 September 2012

A just because bed-side table

A just because bed-side table

I found myself bored one day and decided that our bedroom was in need of a bedside table. So off I popped to get some wood and I took it from there. 

I purchased some nice rustic looking softwood (I was going to opt for Oak but didn't have the extra pennies required) and decided to use some spare wood I had in the garage left over from a pergola project as the legs.

As the wood came in 1.2m sections I only had to make 2 cuts to get the 3 individual parts for the top. After that I had to make the 4 legs for the table. The main lesson I've learnt from this project is that I NEED a table saw. The circular saw just wasn't cutting it when it came to getting accurate right-angle cuts and therefore I had to spend a lot of time getting the whole thing levelled. As I was making it for myself, I wasn't too worried about the underside, but if this was for someone else, it would have been finished off and secured in a much neater way. I used 2 spare sections on the underside to act as a brace to hold it all together and whilst they do they job, they are not that nice to look at. But as I say, this one was for me.

To finish it all off, I decided to go for a lovely dark oil so that it tied in nicely to our bedroom. Below is the finished article. I didn't want to take away from the overall rustic look of it so I decided to only give it a fine level of sanding. This meant that it is still quite rough to the touch which I love.

Thanks for looking and apologies for the dark pictures.

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