Thursday, 27 September 2012

Display shelves for my tipple

Display shelves for my Tipple

After much deliberating about what to do next in the kitchen, I decided that I had too much booze and not enough shelves. The only logical answer to this was to build more shelves. I thought about drinking the booze but didn't have the right occasion to hand. After looking around the kitchen I found the ideal spot on a very underused section of the wall. 

As I had some more scaffolding board left over and in keeping with the theme in the kitchen, I decided to utilise the remaining pieces to good effect.

I cut 2 rectangular blocks and then split them diagonally so that the markings on the outside would be almost identical for both sides of the wall. Then it was a case of marking up the sections I needed to remove on the underside and making the rails they would pop on to. Not having a vast array of tools as of yet, I decided that my circular saw would double as a great way to remove the section on the underside. A little bit of chiselling later and the spaces were complete. Rails screwed on to the walls and the shelves were popped on.

As you can see, because the planks have been used extensively through their lives, they have loads of bends and twists through them which makes each one unique. I decided that I didn't want to ruin their present image so I didn't put any oils or stain on them. That and they blend in quite nicely with the rest of the kitchen as they are.

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