Friday, 28 September 2012

Thunder and Cats do not mix!

Thunder and Cats do not mix!

I had the joy recently of waking up to what can only be described as anarchy one miserable hungover morning. During the early hours there had been a thunder storm which my 2 Siamese cats were not too fond of. This prompted them to jump up on to my flat-pack branded floating shelf which instantly decided that it had had enough of this world and flew from the wall in a rapid bid for freedom. Thankfully, due to the previous evenings frivolities, I was not awakened from my slumber at that time. 

However, the evident destruction the next morning needed to be rectified at the earliest opportunity. A little bit of searching and I found a lovely piece of wood. It had been rotted through quite substantially but I knew that once that had been removed I would be left with a nice little end product.

So once I got the wood and removed the bulk of the rot, I was left with a nice little peep-hole section at one end and several curves running through the shelf. The next task was to make the spaces for the rails for it to slide on to. I used the circular saw to get rid of the bulk of the ends and chiselled away the remaining bits and pieces. A quick check of the rails made sure that they would fit together nicely.


The next task was to get the thing on the wall and cover up the area of damage using the back end of the shelf. This meant that the positioning was pretty much set in stone. It was just a case of levelling it all. Several measurements and re-checks and the rails were on. Next came the shelf itself. This was the tricky part. I had measured from the bottom of the wall as a guide for the width but as I am in a new house, the walls are sill moving. Brilliant. Each time I tried to get the shelf on, it decided to get stuck. Cue several re-cuts and a lot of sanding and eventually the bloomin thing went on the wall. A valuable lesson was learned here. So here it is in all its glory. Hope you like it!

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